AS we all know and heard by now plastic straws are bad for the enviroment. Evil almost. I’m going to be honest with you for a moment. we’ve all heard this 1000 times already and are probably getting sick and tired of hearing the same thing again. However, even though a straw is small – and sometime not seem like one straw wont matter. But the unfortunate facts are everyone thinks like this. In the US alone they use on average 500 millions straws ever day. Believe it or not that enough to circle the world two and a half times. Its time to face facts people! We need to stop the “its only one” mentality, this is whats truly and slowly destroying the oceans and the animals in it.

The solution? Paper straws, they are biodegradable and overall better for the environment. But why stop there? Why not just use no straw at all? I get it, some people need straws, but what about the people who are perfectly capable of drinking without a straw. That one less straw can make the world of difference to the ocean.

So next time your in somewhere getting a drink, say no to the straw.


The Journey Begins

AS I write this post today, there is an estimate of 12.8 million tonnes of plastic floating about in the ocean just from this year alone. On top of this shocking and horrifying fact, it is estimated to have a truck load of rubbish dumped in it every minute. The plastic issue has reached an all time high with no signs of decreasing any time soon. All those millions of tonnes not only destroy the ocean itself but animals we adore within.

Within this blog I will be speaking about how you can reduce your waste one small and easy step at a time.